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Bloom is a digital well-being membership designed to help you cultivate daily joy and nurture a deeper connection with nature. Every month, members receive inspiring prompts, resources, and activities delivered directly to their inboxes, empowering them to create a more fulfilling life steeped in well-being. Find joy in the everyday!

Where Nature Connects You
to Your Well-being.

Membership Benefits

Benefits included for Bloom Monthly & Bloom Year-Round Memberships.

  • Journal Prompts & Inspiring Quotes: Start your day with self-reflection prompts and uplifting quotes to cultivate a positive mindset.
  • Monthly Book List: Immerse yourself in a captivating book (ebook or audiobook) exploring nature, mindfulness, or self-care. Every month includes a new book list with one book selected for deeper exploration + optional book club meeting over Zoom.
  • Seasonally-Inspired Nature Journaling Prompts & Tutorials: Learn how to connect with nature through artful journaling (no prior experience needed).
  • One Seasonal DIY Self-Care Product Recipe: Create luxurious self-care products like bath salts, lip balms, or face masks using seasonal ingredients.
  • Monthly Artisan Tea Recipe: Craft a soothing, high-quality tea blend curated based on the season and its benefits.
  • Bloom Year-Round Members receive two months free with their purchase.

(All content produced for Bloom Memberships will be exclusively available for members for 12 months. After 12 months, the content will be available for purchase in full)

Who is Bloom for?

Busy Lives, Simple Well-being.

  • Busy individuals who seek simple ways to add joy and calm to their days.
  • Those recovering from burnout and craving a gentler way of living.
  • Anyone looking to cultivate wholesome rhythms into their life, season after season.
  • Nature lovers and those who long to be.
Well-Being Reset Challenge
  • Receive A beautiful printable with 15 well-being prompts, like meditation moments, nature walks, and mindful activities.
  • Simple practices to add a touch of joy and self-care to your busy day.
  • A gentle nudge to reconnect with yourself and experience more peace.
    It’s like an advent calendar but for daily well-being!
Cultivate Daily joy month after month with Bloom Monthly

Let Bloom transform your routine. Our monthly membership provides a gentle nudge towards self-care, with nature as your guide. Discover the power of journaling in the fresh air, explore DIY self-care recipes, and find moments of peace amidst your busy schedule. Bloom with us and unwind, reconnect, and rediscover the joy that awaits. Join us and blossom with each new month! Cancel anytime if your needs change. Learn more...

Bloom Year-Round (12-Month Membership) Get 2-Months Free
$216 $180/A Year

Invest in a year of well-being exploration and unlock exclusive benefits with our Bloom Yearly Membership. Bloom Year-Round is your passport to a year of self-discovery, mindfulness, and nature connection. Embrace lasting well-being and join our supportive community for a full year of growth! Cancel anytime if your needs change. Learn More…

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