Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to more time to grow, nourish, and create a life of meaning and intention. I’m here to help!

Five years ago, my family and I changed everything. We left the city. We sold our suburban home. And opted for a life in the country.

It took a lot of planning, dreaming, sacrificing, and a complete overhaul of our beliefs around success, priorities, and what matters most.

It wasn’t easy. The experience felt rebellious and counter-culture. A true effort to reclaim what we thought was our freedom. 

The First Step is the Hardest

Here’s the funny thing that we learned: You don’t have to sell everything and bail on the city to live life at a slower pace.

Once we settled in our home in the woods, we realized that much of what we were doing we could have done while living in a neighborhood next to public transportation. What had shifted was our mindset which allowed our deepest values to shine through. We could align our days better with the activities, people, and places that mattered the most to us.

Taking away the noise and frenzy revealed that the slower way of living had always been there. It was buried under too many obligations taken on out of guilt, shame, shoulds, and gotta do’s. 

Make a NOT To-Do List

Living a slower life is an intentional choice. There will always be something that has to get done, and until we have better ways of delegating or eradicating the tasks that drain our energy (ahem, looking at you- Laundry), creating systems for handling those every-day tasks and prioritizing those that matter most is the first step to slow living.

To help you on your journey, I have created a FREE NOT To-Do List printable guide. In this guide, you will find tools I have developed and used to help me identify the most effective, aligned, and values-based ways to spend my time and discard the rest. Take what works for you and leave behind what doesn’t.

Focus your time on what matters most and get more joy out of life. This is your invitation to slow down and take some time to forge the path to your journey to a slower, more intentional, and meaningful life.