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Are you tired of the overwhelm? Slow living is for everyone; this is your invitation to a slower, more intentional, and meaningful life. Take a few moments a day to ground and enjoy the everyday beauty with this FREE 15-Day Slow Living Reset Challenge. Identifying the most important tasks and obligations based on your values and feelings while making space for what matters most to you.

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Hello! I’m julia


I am so happy you’re here! Join me and my family as we embrace the beauty of living simple, eating well, and making a happy home.

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My Journey to Natural Living

Hi, I’m Julia,

I was raised in a conventional suburban household where storebought was superior. I had no idea you could make natural cleaners, laundry soaps, or lotions from homegrown plants and herbs. Fortunately, I come from a long line of gardeners and crafters who shared the natural methods- they could remember. I hope you will join me on my journey of natural living, learning the joys of working with the bounty of nature for a homegrown and handmade life.

Read more of our family’s story & how we found our path from big city to slow and intentional living in the country.