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How To Make A Hand Sewn Rose Petal Cloth Sachet

Here’s a simple craft you can whip up with a few simple materials and dried rose petals from your garden- rose petal sachet! Make these fun and fragrant sachets as gifts or to tuck inside a linen drawer.

History of Rose Petal Sachets

A Day without fragrance is a day lost.

ancient Egyptian saying

Roses have been used as sachets since the 15th century in Europe and even earlier in China. Often used to keep clothes smelling clean, rose petal sachets were also used as tokens of affection between lovers.

Historically, favorite types of roses to use in rose petal sachets included wild roses, centifolia rose, and damask roses because of their strong scent- both fresh and dried.

The Science Behind Stopping and Smelling the Roses

The next time you are on a walk and pass a beautiful rose in bloom, don’t feel any guilt stopping and smelling its luscious fragrance. It turns out, that rose fragrance has an impressive cognitive benefit. As reported by Scientific Reports in 2020, rose fragrance may boost learning retention, even while you sleep!

Rose fragrance has also been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and relax the body and mind.

Make a Rose Petal Sachet

Supplies Needed

  • Sewing Machine, or needles and thread
  • Scissors
  • Cotton, muslin, or other light fabric
  • dried rose petals

How to Make Rose Petal Sahcet: Instructions

  1. Begin by cutting your cloth to the desired size. I cut mine to 4″x4″ squares, but you can cut yours to be bigger or smaller.

2. Next, place the right sides of the cloth so they are facing each other, and sew around three of the four sides. Turn the bag right side out.

3. Then, spoon in the dried rose petals; filling the cloth bag about 2/3 full.

4. Fold in the fabric at the top of the sachet to create a finished edge. Pinch close the open section and stitch the opening closed with a sewing machine or hand sew with a needle and thread.

Tuck your new rose petal sachet in your pillow for sweet and romantic dreams, or in your linen drawer.

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