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Simple and Easy Hanging Foraged Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Make these quick and elegant Hanging Foraged embroidery hoop wreath craft. Whether you gather your greenery from the forest or your Christmas tree trimmings, these wreaths come together quickly for a last-minute seasonal holiday decor addition.  I first made a set of these wreaths to hang in our kitchen nook, and they instantly added a pop of color and vibrancy to the otherwise dark days of winter. 

Why Craft Hanging Foraged Embroidery Hoop Wreath Craft?

The hardiness of evergreens makes them perfect for these hanging wreaths. You can expect your wreaths to withstand the length of the winter holidays and add a minimalistic seasonal touch to your decor. Use any variety of evergreen for these wreaths, but the tried and true varieties of fir and cedar seem to last the longest. 

Continue reading to learn how to make evergreen foraged wreaths from embroidery hoops at home. You only need a few materials to craft these stunning plant-inspired holiday season decorations. Gather additional materials to add to your wreaths, including pine cones, red berries from Toyon or another native fruiting winter shrub, and even an electric candle clip to add a spark of light to this easy DIY project. 

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Where to Buy and Find Embroidery Hoops

You can certainly buy embroidery hoops from craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. However, embroidery hoops are often exciting thrift store finds! At thrift stores, you will find a variety of sizes and types. For this project, you can use the double hoop embroidery hoop with the two wooden or metal hoops that fit together. The double hoops offer a strong base for adding the evergreen stems. 

Embroidery hoops are a great weather alternative to grapevine wreath bases as they are often less expensive and come in various sizes. They also require less forged wreathe materials, making them faster to assemble. 

In addition to thrift stores, consider asking your friends and family if they have extra embroidery hoops they no longer want or use. This is a great reuse project. 

If you can’t source your embroidery hoops second-hand, here are a few of our favorite places to shop for bulk embroidery hoops. 



Factory Direct

Why Craft An Evergreen Wreathe with Embroidery Hoops?

Why would you use embroidery Hoops to make an evergreen wreath? Here are a few reasons.

1. Embroidery hoops are easy to come by and can often be found at thrift stores, yard sales, or even just ask a grandmother- they will probably have some they don’t need.

2. Embroidery hoops are a really great size to work with. They’re not too big and you can get them in a smaller size if you want to make these to put on gifts. They are also really cute to turn into name tags or gift tags.

3. Embroidery hoops, when purchased second-hand especially, are really great sustainable option for making wreaths. You also can separate the embroidery hoops so that with each purchase of an embroidery hoop, you actually get two separate hoop bases that can create two reasons instead of one.

4. Embroidery hoops are also great to work with because they are an abundant craft supply, and they are a lovely size for small children to work with, so if you’re making this craft with your family, these can be an excellent base for young children.

What kinds of Evergreen should you use in your Hanging Foraged Embroidery Hoop Wreath Craft?

 Here are some kinds of evergreens to consider using as you create your new wreath. 

  • Fir trees: Douglas and Noble fir trees are often the types of trees you’ll find at Christmas time, so when trimming your Christmas tree, don’t throw away the trimmings! Use them to make a wreath instead.
  • Blue Spruce:  Another type of evergreen tree to incorporate into a wreath. They have a beautiful color with more of that gray-silver tone that works well with a lot of those wintery-themed decor elements. 
  • Pine: Different types of pine also work well for making wreaths. They often lend a more cabin or Lumberjack feel to the finished product, so pine trees like from Ponderosa or Scotts Pine are going to give you a more bushy and full wreath look.
  • Juniper: This is another type of evergreen you can use. Be careful; they can be prickly, but they are a lovely-looking evergreen that is long-lasting.
  • Cedar: Another great evergreen to consider is cedar for your wreath. They are very sturdy and long-lasting as well, and they smell amazing.
  • Herbs: Many don’t think of herbs when they think of evergreens, but there are many varieties that work well for homemade wreaths. Herbs like Rosemary are long-lasting, and their woody stems make them resilient as a crafting material. Add a rosemary stem to a smaller embroidery hoop for a cute embroidery hoop wreath that can be used to adorn presents.


Just a few ingredients

How to Make Hanging Foraged Embroidery Hoop Wreath

  1. First thing, to make your wreath, work on a flat surface, start at the top of the embroidery hoop, which will be your wreath form, and select an evergreen branch to start with. Wrap the florist wire or jewelry wire around the end of the branch and the wooden embroidery hoop frame. This will secure the branch to the embroidery hoop. You have now created the top of the wreath. 
  2. The next step is to select another section along the evergreen branch and wrap a second piece of floral wire around the branch. Wrap the wire tightly, keeping it as close to the embroidery hoop as possible. Keep the top of the branch loose. 
  3. Next, start again with a new branch, and place it about an inch down from the tip of the new branch, tuck it into the base of the branch you had just secured. This way, the top of your new branch is steady. Then, repeat steps 1-2 on the base of the new branch. 
  4. Keep going until you’ve covered the whole hoop in evergreen branches. Cut off any loose or protruding pieces of wire with the wire cutters. 
  5. The final step is to thread one end of one of the cut-lengths of fishing line through the space between the metal closure and the embroidery hoop and tie a knot to secure it.
    • Then, create an overhand knot at the opposite end of the fishing line, insert the pointed end of a pushpin into the overhand knot loop, and push it into the ceiling or wherever you wish to hang your wreath. 
    • Hang your wreaths in odd number sets for a visually pleasing display. 

More Ways to Hang Your Wreaths

 Embroidery hoop reads can be hung in various places and areas of your home. Hang one from your front door or hang in clusters of three to five around your dining room table or in your windows. Smaller embroidery hoop wreaths can be used as Ornament gifts and as gift tags. Get creative and have fun decorating with your homemade wreath.

Alternate Ways to Craft Your Wreath

There are a few other ways to craft your wreath that can add a modern Flair or a personal touch to the overall design of your finished wreath.

  1.  One aspect to consider is creating a wreath with an asymmetrical shape where you only attach the evergreens to the upper left or right portions of the embroidery hoop and leave the remaining parts of the embroidery hoop exposed. This can give you a more minimalistic look.
  2. You can add other natural elements to your wreath for more visual excitement and festive touch, including pine cones, a cow bell, jingle bells, Ribbon, or yarn.
  3. If you don’t have access to embroidery hoops, you can use the base of an old wreath or a grapevine base in their place.
  4. Instead of floral or jewelry wire, use zip ties or glue guns to secure the evergreen branches to the wreath frame. 

What if You Don’t Have Access to Fresh Evergreens?

If you don’t have access to fresh-cut evergreens, you can use faux evergreen plants or faux stems in their place to create a faux evergreen wreath. You can pick up these faux pieces at a craft store such as Michael’s or Joanne’s Fabric. Look for evergreen stems or even already assembled and decorated evergreen bunches that might include ornaments, faux berries, or pine cones. Faux wreaths make cute wreaths, too!

 Other Ways to Make Embroidery Hoop Wreaths for More Holidays

 Evergreens are not the only item that can be attached to an embroidery hoop for a holiday festive theme in the spring. You can use other types of evergreen plants from your herb garden or include fresh Moss for a spring look. You can also use materials that are not found in nature necessarily, but perhaps in your craft box. Wool roving is a beautiful addition to a lot of reads. You can wrap an embroidery hoop in the roving for a very full-looking and unique wreath. You can also create yarn wrapped wreaths by using natural wool yarn wrapped around the embroidery hoop, and you can use that technique for a variety of types of reads for different seasons the main thing is to get creative and have fun and enjoy celebrating the season. 

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