Free Online Class: Make Herbal Bath Soaks

Join A Farm to Keep’s free online class: make herbal bath soaks, where you will learn how to hand blend a winter-inspired milk bath, and salt soaks to personally enjoy or give as gifts. You will also learn a few fun ways to package and label your creations!

Herbal Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

No need for a fancy studio. You can make these gifts right in your very own kitchen. Once you learn how, you can share the fun with your friends and family.

Free Online Class: Make Herbal Bath Soaks Details:

Tuesday, November 29th,
@7:00 pm-8:00 pm
Online/ Zoom

In this Free Online Class: Make Herbal Bath Soaks, you will explore how simple and fun it is to craft DIY bath and beauty products, plus leave the class with ready-to-gift herbal bath care products.

Winter is a beautiful season to comfort the body. I hope you will join this free class to dip your toes into the joy of crafting with herbs and plants to create delightful natural products.

What to Expect From This Free Online Class: Make Herbal Bath Soaks

  • Live on Zoom step-by-step instructions on how to blend beautiful bath soaks.
  • Guidance on the best ingredients for your DIY bath and beauty products and how to use and enjoy them at home.
  • Learn my favorite tips and tricks for blending, storing, and labeling bath soaks.
  • Create a safe, family-friendly herbal bath to hydrate and nourish dry winter skin.
  • Receive a beautiful PDF booklet with the ingredients, instructions, and best ways to enjoy and use your herbal creations.
  • Leave the workshop with holiday gifts!

The Benefits of Making Handmade Herbal Gifts

Creating handmade gifts like herbal bath soaks is fun, rewarding, and economical.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can create high-end herbal bath and beauty products for a fraction of the cost you would spend buying similar pre-made products.

Making bath and beauty products also allows you to honestly know what is included in the products you are using on your body. That way, you can avoid known allergens and craft using scents and herbs you enjoy most.

Grab your friends and join the Make Herbal Bath Soaks class! You will have a blast crafting these fun and festive holiday gifts together.

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  1. I love giving home made beeswax floating candles, and other home made stuff. Some may see it as less impressive than expensive electronics, clothes, etc. but for those who are happier with simple thoughtfulness, the time and effort matters. Your bath soaks sound like a lovely option for home made!

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