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How to Make A Calming Herbal Tea with Herbs

Welcome to day two of the 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge! If you’re just joining, you can learn more sign-up for the challenge here. Today, let’s make calming herbal tea!

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Why Make Calming Herbal Tea

As I write this post, there is a crisp touch to the breeze and just a hint of that delicious fall smell in the air. Although we have a few more weeks of summer, it never hurts to be prepared for the cozy season that is just around the corner. This time of year, I love combining my favorite calming herbs into an aromatic tea that we can enjoy all season long. It’s caffeine-free and is a soothing way to end a day.

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Calming Herbs Included in the Tea Mix


Well known for its calming and restorative properties in all of its forms, lavender in tea shares an aromatic experience with each cup brewed. Drink before bed for deep and restful sleep.

Rose Petals

Bring on the vitamins! Rose petals are packed with vitamin C and are high in anti-oxidants. They are known for helping to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and they can be a powerful ally against menstrual cramps.

Lemon Balm

This herb will lend you a hand on those nights you struggle to fall asleep. Known to have mild sedative properties, Lemon Balm is also widely used to calm anxiety and promote a state of rest.


If your tummy is needing soothing or you’re feeling a little congested, then mint tea is here for you. This lively herb is a favorite among children and is known to relieve digestive discomfort and reduce tension.


Probably the most well-known herb for invoking calm, however, chamomile is also a valiant anti-oxidant and has anti-microbial properties too. Add chamomile to your next herb blend for a dash of tranquility. People who are allergic to hay or suffer from hay fever need to be mindful of consuming chamomile.

Licorice Root

Known as your tummy’s best friend, Licorice root is a wonderful herb for attending to all manners of your digestive system. Part of getting a good night’s sleep is feeling at ease and having reduced bloating or other digestive ailments.

Calming Tea Recipe

leaf illustration with Calming Tea recipe typed in circle in the center

Haven’t joined the 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge? Don’t worry! You can join any time, any day! The challenge is a free community project and I am looking forward to being intentional alongside you.

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