Free Peter Rabbit Seed Packets Printable For Spring

A Free Peter Rabbit Seed Packets Printable is a simple and fun way to welcome the new season with a touch of whimsy. Beatrix Potter’s A Tale of Peter Rabbit is one of our favorite springtime reads. The story is set in the English countryside, and among the quaint charm of Mr. Mcgregor’s garden, this story always encourages joy and curiosity.

Once we learned that Beatrix Potter’s illustrations were in the public domain, we couldn’t wait to get creative with her beautiful artwork. Seed packets were an easy place to start, as it is spring, and we have an abundance of seeds to gift to friends and family. Printing these seed packet templates is simple and easy. They make great baby shower favors, additional goodies in Easter baskets, a housewarming gifts for a new neighbor, and they are so much fun.

The hardest part about crafting these seed packets is deciding which one to print first. The free printable comes with ten unique Peter Rabbit seed packet designs. You can print all ten at once or a selection that best fits your needs. We saved a lot of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, so I printed that page first. Seed packets filled with homegrown saved seeds do make the perfect gift!

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    What is the history of Peter Rabbit?

    The Peter Rabbit story, written by Beatrix Potter, originated in 1893 as correspondence between Beatrix and her governess’s son, Noel. Noel’s real-life rabbit inspired the tales, and his name was Peter. Beatrix began writing letters to cheer up young Noel, who was often ill. Review a full timeline of the creation of Peter Rabbit and his beloved stories when you click this link. Although it’s been 120 years, we continue to be smitten with the stories of Peter and all of the delight and joy he has brought to children and families.

    What are the best places to get seeds for homemade seed packets?

    Homemade seed packets are a great way to customize a party favor or special gift, but you don’t have to include seeds you’ve grown yourself. You can source your seeds from other companies and repackage the seeds into your custom packaging for a cohesive look.

    Below I have included a few of my favorite places to purchase seeds. Some of the links are affiliate links, and I earn a small commission from any purchases you make through the links at no additional cost to you. Some of these companies offer discounts on bulk purchases or free shipping, which are benefits of purchasing from small companies.

    Sweet Pea: Sow and Grow Guide” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Botanical Interests

    Strictly Medicinal Seeds


    Seed Needs


    Burpee Seeds

    What Kinds of Seeds to Include in Your Seed Packets?

    Whether you include seeds to grow cute veggies like colorful carrots or sophisticated herbs and flowers, here is a list of some seeds to consider including in your Peter Rabbit Seed packets:

    Jack-O’-Lantern Pumpkins

    Giant Sunflower Seeds

    Raddish Seeds


    Tomato Seeds

    Zucchini Seeds

    Cucumber Seeds

    Carrot Seeds

    Mixed Salad Greens Seeds

    Calendula Seeds

    How to Make Your Homemade Seed Packets

    With just a few simple craft supplies and a little time, you will have homemade seed packets featuring your selected seeds.

    Tools Needs:


    Printer Paper or Cardstock Paper

    Glue Stick


    Instructions to Make Your Peter Rabbit Seed Packets:

    The first step to making your homemade Peter Rabbit seed packets is to join our A Farm to Keep Community and get your instant PDF printable download.

    Next, download your pdf file of the seed packets and select the seed packets to print.

    Once you have printed your seed packets, cut out the packets and fold them along the edges and fold the packets into shape.

    Use a glue stick to glue the edges together and fill the packets with the corresponding seeds.

    Fold the flap at the top of the seed packets to close. You can also add a dab of glue to the packet flap to secure the packet closure.

    Ways to Use Your Peter Rabbit Seed Packets

    These Peter Rabbit seed packets are adorable, and there are so many ways you can use them. They are one of our favorite things to include as an addition to a variety of gifts, including the following:

    Tuck them into an Easter basket.

    Pair with gardening gloves and give as a Teacher Appreciation Gift.

    Give the packets as favors at a birthday party or baby shower.

    Create a May Day basket for a neighbor and include the seed packets inside.

    Pack the seed packets with brand-new gardening tools for a sweet and cute birthday gift.

    Tie a few packets together and pair them with a small vase of flowers for a Mother’s Day gift.

    Place a filled seed packet as part of your spring, Easter, or Passover table settings.

    Print and use the pumpkin or sunflower seed packets and fill them with roasted pumpkin or roasted sunflower seeds and use them for a themed snack time. Pair them with juice boxes and read Peter Rabbit for a full bookish experience.

    Gift the seed packets with a copy of Peter Rabbit as a gift.

    How to Get Your Peter Rabbit Seed Packets:

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      If you love these seed packets, continue the spring celebration with a few of our other favorite spring activities. Try making huevos hamanidos: dyed eggs using onion skins or craft delightful spring tea mixes. There are so many ways to welcome the seasons. Let us know in the comments how you plan to use your seed packets.

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