It’s Here! The New Garden Planner

Grow a beautiful garden this year, and keep track of everything that helps to make a garden thrive. Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner gardener, you will find everything you need among these pages to imagine, plan, and tend the garden of your dreams with our new garden planner!

A Garden Planner As Time Management

Over the years I didn’t think I had a green thumb. Every plant I tried to grow died. Maybe this sounds like you too? Here’s the thing. I was raised by avid gardeners. As a child, I was surrounded by herb gardens, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees, and I had a lot of experience harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, and more. So, it was confusing when, as an adult, my gardens didn’t thrive.

Maybe buying the exact right seeds would change the outcome. Maybe more watering, weeding, and preparing the soil would make a difference. All of those actions helped, but what I was missing was time management skills. Gardens take a lot of planning. Sometimes what you plan to grow in one year won’t be harvested for a full 18-24 months from planting. A garden planner will provide the structure to keep you organized.

I Have Tested So Many Garden Planners

I used to keep a garden journal in a basic spiral-bound notebook. Although it was fun to write my thoughts and feelings about my garden in the pages, the notebook didn’t help me plan the growing season, create a well-planned garden design, or helped me develop as a gardener. I knew I needed a powerful tool that could help me plan specific areas of my gardening journey. I tried so many different garden planners, garden log books, a free garden planner, and even specifically designed garden journals. Some were very helpful, while others were just filled with pages that I never used.

A New Garden Planner for New & Experienced Gardeners

Whether you are new to gardening or an experienced green thumb, having a plan for the garden is always a good idea. Late winter and early spring are the best time to make plans, sort seed packets, and get everything organized for the growing season ahead. Without a plan, it’s difficult to know what square footage is needed for how much food you want to produce. Maybe you’re hoping to grow hers or a cut flower garden, having a plan will ensure your dreams become a reality.

Where to begin?

All good garden plans start with knowing your area’s last frost date. You can look this up based on your gardening zone and your location. For me, my last frost date is usually around the last week of March. This means that I need to start my gardening plans 6-8 weeks before the last week of March. I take quick notes at the start of every year about the last frost dates, the new plants I want to grow, and any new garden beds I want to create in the upcoming year’s garden.

What’s included in the Yearly Garden Planner?

Inside your digital garden planner, you will find all the valuable information you need to get started with gardening. It doesn’t matter if you have acres to grow a garden or small spaces. The 80+ digital gardening guide is your garden planner journal you can print at any time and as many as you want. It’s packed with all of the garden tips, a seed sowing log book, garden project planner sheets, gardening goals worksheet, monthly and daily garden planning sheets, and so much more! Check out exactly what is included in the list below:

Why Purchase a Garden Planner?

The internet is full of free guides, apps, and garden planning software, however, if you’re like me, maybe you prefer a pen (or pencil) to paper approach. In previous years I tried digital versions of garden journals and design tools, only to find myself back to making grids on my computer that I can print and draw on directly. Creating a printable garden planner last year was so much fun and has proven to be a helpful tool for all of my garden planning needs for this year and even for next year’s garden!

Inside your garden plan, you will have all of the organizational tools you need to plan, execute, and bask in the glory of the bountiful and beautiful garden you grow this year.

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What Kinds of gardens can you grow using your yearly garden planner?

Use your yearly garden planner to grow a small and simple container garden, kitchen garden, or herb garden, or use the templates to design a larger garden. It all depends on what you’re wanting and needing for your family. The plan is versatile and easily adjusts to the kinds of gardens you’re intending to create.

Get Your Garden Planner, Today!

Spring is almost here, and you’ve found the perfect garden planner.

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