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Interview with Anna Reisz of The Herbology Faerie

Do you love the Danish concept of Hygge (comfy & cozy), herbs, and books? Then you’re going to love meeting Anna Reisz of The Herbology Faerie. In our 50+ minute discussion, Anna and I explore her journey into herbalism and how she connected her passions of books, libraries, accessible learning, and a deep affection for tea that bring herbalism and botany into every day.

In This Discussion with Anna Reisz of The Herbology Faerie We Discuss

  • Introduction to Anna & The Herbology Faerie.
  • How to infuse your daily life with herbs/herbalism.
  • Anna’s favorite herbs to always have on hand and where she sources them.
  • Anna’s new Etsy shop & her favorite products.
  • Anns’s process of blending and creating homemade herbal teas.
  • The Botanical Anthology Spring Edition is available starting March 20th!
  • What Anna is looking forward to exploring in 2023 regarding herbs, plants, and more.

Discover The Herbology Faerie Products

Anna is known for her creative herbal tea blend creations and many of which are based on favorite books. She is celebrating spring with a new Spring Tea Booklet.

The booklet contains 20 tea recipes based on the season, nature, nature-based festivities, folklore, art, cozy aesthetics, and more! It also includes tips on tea-making and sourcing herbs and ingredients.

Click Spring Tea Booklet to buy your copy.

Join The Herbology Faerie Patreon

Anna recently started a Patreon where you can join her in learning about herbalism, discovering new tea and herbal recipes, and get her latest herbal artwork.

Click The Herbology Faerie Patreon to join!

Connect with Anna Reisz of The Herbology Faerie

Connect with Anna Reisz of The Herbology Faerie on Instagram | Facebook | Etsy | Patreon | and at www.theherbologyfaerie.com

Chatting with Anna Reisz of The Herbology Faerie was a delight, and I hope you find our conversation inspiring and uplifting too. If you are interested in more conversations such as this, please contact us to let us know! We love serving and providing you with the natural and seasonal living information you’re seeking to help you raise your family and live your life connected to nature, heritage, and the magic of the seasonal year.

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All opinions expressed in the podcast and video are our own. Any suggestions of herbs for use are not intended to diagnose and are not based on medical knowledge. Please consult your medical practitioner before starting to use any variety of herbs or plants.

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  1. You had me at herbology! I start my days with Jasmine Tea too! Mixed with other herbs as well, but there’s always a bit of Jasmine added to that first cup! I’m pinning this and really looking forward to listening later this evening! I may have to check out that shop too! I’m a student herbalist myself- so you definitely have my attention.

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