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10 of the Best Natural Living Podcasts of 2023

No matter where you are in your natural living journey, listening to podcasts is a great way to gain knowledge, expand your skills, and get to know the experts in the field. Natural living covers a wide range of topics including slow living, minimalism, sustainability, mindfulness and mental health, and even homesteading skills such as cooking from scratch, gardening and learning to make natural remedies with herbs. The goal of pursuing a natural lifestyle is to focus on the overall health of yourself and your family and include healthy living practices in your everyday life. Listening to podcasts is a great place to start exploring these vast topics without a lot of upfront investment of time or money.

Why I should listen to podcasts about Natural Living

As a busy mom, podcasts are an easy way for me to learn while accomplishing other tasks. I learned a long time ago that doing household chores was a lot more fun if I could continue my learning of topics and subjects that I adore without needing to watch a video to understand. I’ve always loved learning, and podcasts allow me to keep learning a variety of topics. Plus, podcasts are often not as long as documentaries and break down topics into easy-to-understand conversations. Often, I look forward to certain podcasts each week as many have become part of my daily routines. The conversations had on the podcasts also engage my brain in a healthy way. Although not a substitute for real-life conversations, podcasts have allowed me to keep up with daily events, cultural topics, as well as skills, so when I do have the chance to be with other adults I have a vast array of knowledge to pull from to have meaningful conversations.

I still love sitting down and watching videos on YouTube or documentaries on Netflix, but I find podcasts can go along with me during my days more easily. There’s no need to pause and rewatch anything, as there are often no visual demonstrations. I do, however, enjoy YouTube channels that offer interviews and the content can be both watched or just listened to without losing much of the context.

How to Avoid Overwhelm When Selecting Podcasts

Yes, there are a lot of podcasts available and many are available at no to little cost, again, making them accessible resources of information. No matter whether you are looking for wellness topics such as weight loss, or political podcasts about social justice, you will probably find several available.

The best part is you will have access to expert advice no matter the topic you choose. As you begin your journey into natural living pick and choose the topics that most interest you and start there. I love gardening, herbs, slow living, and mindfulness, so that is where I started really focusing my listening hours. Once I had established which podcasts I enjoyed, I branched out and started learning more about farming, homesteading, and even the history of simple and natural living. Take it slow, and start with what you’re most curious about.

Where can I listen to podcasts?

There are two main ways that make podcast listening easiest, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Google Podcasts is another option for listening to podcasts but is not as well known as the other two methods. I have always listened to my podcasts through Apple podcasts, as I like to keep Spotify just for music, however, I know many people who prefer the podcasts included on Spotify. Either way, you are bound to find podcasts about living a healthy lifestyle on either platform.

How long are podcasts?

Podcasts vary in length and some of the best podcast episodes are just minutes long and include quick lists of practical tips, while others range from 30 to 90 minutes. Most podcasts are produced as a weekly podcast, while others like news podcasts such as The New York Times-The Daily are published nearly every day. Then there are a few that are only published in a podcast series and others that are published seasonally or quarterly.

How Will I Know If I like Listening to Podcasts?

You may need to try a few podcasts before you find one that resonates with your interests and attention. I love listening to podcasts that focus on practical and expert advice shared by experts in their fields. I am not as interested in personal narratives or personal experience podcasts, mostly because I don’t enjoy that kind of format. Give it time and you will quickly discover what are the best podcasts for you, or maybe you learn that you’re an audiobook lover, YouTube watcher, or just prefer learning in a whole different way.

What Are the Best Natural Living Podcasts?

Below you will find a list of ten of the best podcasts that focus on natural wellness, natural living, slow living, mindfulness, sustainable living, and homesteading. Although the topics are broad, they all focus on similar core values including living sustainably, living well with less, non-toxic living, self-resiliency, skill-based, and simplicity. Some have a spiritual thread to their focus, while others are specifically secular. All are great for beginners and those interested in living a more natural, slow, and intentional lifestyle.

Herbs, Herbalism, and Gardening Podcasts

What’s the Juice, hosted by Olivia Amitrano

Average Length: 90 Minutes

Begin With: From Wellness Extremes to Healthy Foundation

What’s the Juice Podcast, hosted by Olivia Amitrano who is a clinical herbalist who offers weekly podcasts with guest interviews by some of the leading health experts in the industry. She also provides a series called “Ask the Herbalist” where she takes questions from listeners about a particular herb. Her goal is to provide expert advice for the public and offer a unique perspective that shows the bridge between western and eastern medicinal practices and how they are not in contrast to one another but provides each other with unconditional support. The podcast is listed Explicit due to adult language used from time to time.

The Healthy Herb Podcast

Average Length: 50 Minutes

Begin With: Slow Living and Becoming an Herbalist with Julia Linsteadt

The Healthy Herb Podcast, hosted by Brighid Dohertywho typically shares bi-weekly to monthly podcast episodes that explore the realm of home herbalism for increased health, resilience, and joy in life. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by her in 2022. You can listen to the full episode here. This podcast is rated General, for everyone.

The Holistic Herbalist Podcast

Average Length: 60 Minutes

Begin With: Interview with Shawn Donnielle of Mountain Rose Herbs

The Holistic Herbalist Podcast, hosted by Katja Swift and Ryn Midura is. rooted in the foundations of herbalism. Katja and Ryn create knowledgeable podcast episodes around a variety of herbalism topics. Both seasoned herbalist educators, approach their episodes with a beginner’s mind, making them an excellent source of knowledge and support to anyone interested in learning more about herbs, herbal medicine, and herb gardening. Their episodes will focus on everything from nutrition facts to understanding the immune system, to the latest research around all things wellness and herbs.

Natural and Female Health Podcasts

On Health

Average Length: 50 Minutes

Begin With: Body Literacy: The First Step Toward Hormone Intelligence

On Health, hosted by Dr. Aviva Romm looks to inspire and empower women to reclaim their bodies, their cycles, hormones, reproductive health, and more. Her episodes can go deep into scientific evidence around particular issues that pertain to women, their health, and sexual health. She’s a Yale-trained MD, a midwife, author, teacher, and mom, and a women’s health and pediatrics expert.

Body Stuff with Jen Gunter

Average Length: 30 Minutes

Begin With: Why You Don’t Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Body Stuff with Jen Gunter Podcast, Hosted by OB/GYN Jen Gunter, who is here to help you with all things women’s health and all the questions you have about your body. She uses evidence-based medicine to break down the facts and answer questions and give advice on everything from how to break down marketing terms such as “detox” and “natural” to the science and caliber of juice cleanses.

Mindfulness and Wellness Podcasts

Balanced Black Girl Podcast

Average Length: 60 Minutes

Begin With:

Balanced Black Girl is hosted by Lestraundra “Les” Alfred who is creating a safe space for black women to have a safe space for self-care, self-love, and overall well-being. Hosted by nutritionist and personal trainer Lestraundra “Les” Alfred who is motivated to help black women connect to mindfulness and living more fully.

60 Mindful Minutes

Average Length: 60 Minutes

Begin With: Set Better Boundaries with Melissa Urban

60 Mindful Minutes is a wellness podcast that is hosted by Kristen Manieri who is a mindfulness coach and trainer who specializes in habit-building, stress reduction, pulsing work and rest, and systems for better work. In each episode, Kristen interviews a new author in the mindfulness field where she asks striking questions that get to the heart of the content and values of the author. She shares new episodes every week.

Homesteading and Sustainable Living Podcasts

Simple Farmhouse Life

Average Length: 60 Minutes

Begin With: Living the Farmhouse Lifestyle in Town

The Simple Farmhouse Life is a weekly podcast hosted by Lisa Bass of the popular blog, Farmhouse on Boone. Lisa often will interview experts in the fields of farming, homesteading, gardening, homeschooling, cooking, and homemaking. Lisa offers a variety of topics that speak to anyone looking to live a simpler, from-scratch lifestyle.

Urban Exodus

Average Length: 50 Minutes

Begin With: Rural Schools Matter: The Community and Economic Impact of Public Schools in Rural Communities.

The Urban Exodus podcast is hosted by an ex-urbanite who ditched the city and went country, Alissa Hessler. Each episode interviews a former city dweller who has embarked on a journey to seek “The Good Life,” and celebrate rural living. The stories shared explore methods for crafting a creative life after living in the hustle and bustle, sustainable living, and self-sufficiency. Favorite episodes feature personal stories of those in the creative arts industry who combat burnout, mental illness, and health issues with a transition in their approach to daily living.

The Good Dirt

Average Length: 60 Minutes

Begin With: Foraging and Feasting with Herbalist Dina Falconi

Mary and Emma Kingsly host weekly episodes of the Good Dirt Podcast that focuses on living sustainably. They explore all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle with healthy soil as the touchpoint and metaphor for the healing of our planet. Most episodes are interview-style and intimate conversations with farmers, artists, authors, and leaders in regenerative agriculture. They feature experts with years of experience and it’s a delight to listen to their candid conversations.

Do you have a favorite Natural Living podcast that wasn’t mentioned in this list? Let me know if the comments below. You may also like to read our article How to Buy Land to Homestead- 5 Things to Consider (A City Slick’er Guide)

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  1. i am SO THRILLED to have found this post, especially the one for herbs! I’m going to my phone right now to look for that one. I love listening to CommonWealth School of Herbalism(I take classes from there) but have been wanting to add others because various herbalists have different information and perspectives! Thanks!

  2. I listened to your episode on the healthy herb podcast and your passion and light were radiating! Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks! It’s always great to get recommendations for podcasts so I’m not wasting my time trying ones. I go walking a lot and also work in my yard everyday so I love listening to podcasts. Can’t wait to try out The Good Dirt and Urban Exodus. They seem interesting.

  4. This sounds like a good list for morning listening – shows to align with my day’s intentions. Thank you for putting it together! I’ve bookmarked this.

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