Meet Samantha Hatt of East Pine Home Podcast Interview

Meet Samantha Hatt of East Pine Home, who lives in Canada, and a mother to six children. You can usually find her making a mess in the kitchen, baking something yummy for all the kiddos. Otherwise, she is out in the garden chasing chickens. She loves sewing, reading a book book and has a sweet tooth. I know you will love following along with Samantha’s journey of sharing her from-scratch cooking, her grain milling methods, and the best ways to invite children into the kitchen.

In This Discussion with Samantha Hatt of East Pine Home, We Discuss:

  • Introduction to Samantha & East Pine Home
  • Samantha’s background and how she got started living a simpler life.
  • How she got started with milling flours.
  • Her best-kept secrets to the best flours to use for milling.
  • The best ways to introduce children to baking.
  • Why she loves living a life from scratch!
  • And so much more!

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Connect with Samantha Hatt

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Chatting with Samantha was a delight, and I hope you find our conversation inspiring and uplifting too. If you are interested in more conversations such as this, check out our previous conversation with Megan Parks of Parks Elevated Design.

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