Meet Anja Eckert of Our Gabled Home, who moved to Northern California from Germany in 1996 and discovered that the homesteading way of life she learned from her grandparents not only kept her connected to her ancestral roots, but paved the way for raising a thriving and happy family. Anja and I met through a collaborative blogging group online, and I immediately knew I wanted to share her story and homemaking and homesteading skills with the A Farm to Keep audience. I know you are going to love following along with Anja’s journey of sharing her from-scratch cooking, old-world sourdough methods, and her many creative hand sewn creations.

In This Discussion with Anja Eckert of Our Gabled Home, We Discuss:

  • Introduction to Anja & Our Gabled Home
  • Anja’s background and family heritage.
  • How cooking from scratch captured her heart.
  • Her best-kept sourdough secrets.
  • The types of flours to work with for sourdough, even gluten-free.
  • Why living simply and sustainably is so important in this modern age.
  • And so much more!

Anja has created a comprehensive self-paced sourdough online course that is exactly what anyone who is just getting started with sourdough needs.

It is called Super Simple Sourdough Course

Inside, You Will Discover

How to make and maintain a starter the simple way, how to avoid mistakes, and everything else you might like to know about sourdough!

By the end of this course you will

➡ know how to make your own sourdough starter

➡ “train” your sourdough starter to work for YOUR schedule

➡ know how to bake anything with sourdough

➡ never have dense, inedible breads again

➡ just LOVE your sourdough and confidently bake with it

You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, how to find the best ingredients for your sourdough starter, and how to bake with it successfully!

All A Farm to Keep readers will received 20%-off their purchase when they use the code PODCAST at checkout. Click the button below to purchase and get started making effortless sourdough

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Connect with Anja Eckert of Our Gabled Home

Connect with Anja Eckert of Our Gabled Home on Instagram, Facebook, and at https://ourgabledhome.com/

Chatting with Anja was a delight, and I hope you find our conversation inspiring and uplifting too. If you are interested in more conversations such as this, check out our previous conversation with Megan Parks of Parks Elevated Design.

We love serving and providing you with the natural and seasonal living information you’re seeking to help you raise your family and live your life connected to nature, heritage, and the magic of the seasonal year.


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  1. Great interview! We share so many ideas and values. I always check your site for inspiration. Many thanks!

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