Interview with Megan Parks of Parks Elevated Design

Meet Megan Parks of Parks Elevated Design, a former middle school teacher passionate about homemaking, crafting DIY bath and body products, and discovering new ways to make a house a home. Megan and I met online, and she offers her journey of learning the lost skills of self-sufficiency: baking bread, canning foods, cooking on cast iron, sewing, simple cleaning & simply living. No matter what season of life you’re living, you will surely enjoy the discussion Megan, and I have about how to stay inspired and encouraged as you explore life lived more simply.

In This Discussion with Megan Parks of Parks Elevated Design, We Discuss:

  • Introduction to Megan & Parks Elevated Design
  • How making natural bath and body products captured her heart.
  • Megan shares how she switched to a clean beauty routine.
  • What drew Megan to living more simply and naturally.
  • Megan’s desire to create a natural deodorant that works!
  • The challenges Megan faced as she transitioned from being a middle school teacher to being home full-time.
  • What Megan is looking forward to exploring next.

Discover The Ultimate Guide to Natural DIY Bath, Beauty, and Household Recipes!

Megan has created a comprehensive e-book packed full of tips, shopping lists, product knowledge, & recipes to help you switch to a more natural routine in all areas.

It is called The Ultimate Guide to Natural DIY Bath, Beauty, & Household Recipes

Inside, You Will Discover

Bath & Beauty Recipes Included: shampoo bar, tallow body butter, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, bar soap, shower spray, coffee oil serum, perfume, hair spray, tinted lip gloss, lip balm, dry shampoo, face & body lotion, mascara, bronzer

Household Recipes Included: laundry detergent, laundry scent boost & fabric softener, dryer static spray, windex spray, lemon vinegar cleaner, apple cider vinegar, DIY Swiffer mop pad tutorial, & toilet bowl cleaner.

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Connect with Megan Parks of Parks Elevated Design

Connect with Megan Parks of Parks Elevated Design on Instagram and at

Chatting with Megan was a delight, and I hope you find our conversation inspiring and uplifting too. If you are interested in more conversations such as this, check out our previous conversation with Brittany Gibson of The Homestead Challenge.

We love serving and providing you with the natural and seasonal living information you’re seeking to help you raise your family and live your life connected to nature, heritage, and the magic of the seasonal year.


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  1. I still have to listen to the full interview but you are such a nice podcast host and Megan has so much to offer! Well done!

  2. I love Megan and her Parks Elevated blog. Always learn something new that I can turn around and apply to my own home/life.

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