Interview with Brittany Gibson of The Homestead Challenge

Do you wish you could start homesteading and live a more simple and natural life, but you have no idea where to start? Then you’ll love our conversation with Brittany Gibson of The Homestead Challenge. In our 50+ minute discussion, Brittany and I explore her journey from mega mainstream consumer to crunchy mama. In our discussion, Brittany shares how she’s learning to live a simple life by tackling one challenge at a time. Whether through baking sourdough bread, wildcrafting herbal remedies and body care, or discovering how to have a green thumb in the garden, Brittany is the first to tell you she’s a beginner and that you don’t need a farm to live a homesteading life.

In This Discussion with Brittany Gibson of The Homestead Challenge, We Discuss:

  • Introduction to Brittany & The Homestead Challenge
  • How to start homesteading even if you don’t live on a farm.
  • The challenges Brittany faced when she first got started.
  • What drew Brittany to the homesteading and natural living lifestyle
  • Brittany’s desire to live more sustainably and how she’s made that a daily priority.
  • How Brittany started studying herbalism and where she hopes her continued learning will take her.
  • What Brittany is looking forward to exploring next in her homesteading journey.

Discover The Homestead Challenge’s E-book!

Brittany has compiled her homesteading and natural living knowledge into a comprehensive e-book.

It is called The Homestead Challenge Handbook: Resources and Roadmaps to Start Your Homesteading Journey.

From the Intro: This resource guide is packed with all of my absolute favorite resources and the best advice for getting started (because I believe knowing where to start is the hardest part!). I made a lot of mistakes and have felt VERY overwhelmed! I hope this guides you through the overwhelm and gets you directly to the information you want and need.

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Brittany is giving away 10 copies of her new e-book to one member of the A Farm to Keep’s community. To snag your free copy, enter your details in our giveaway.

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Connect with Brittany Gibson of The Homestead Challenge

Connect with Brittany Gibson of The Homestead Challenge on Instagram and at thehomesteadchallenge.com

Chatting with Brittany was a delight, and I hope you find our conversation inspiring and uplifting too. If you are interested in more conversations such as this, check out our previous conversation with Anna Reisz of The Herbology Faerie .

We love serving and providing you with the natural and seasonal living information you’re seeking to help you raise your family and live your life connected to nature, heritage, and the magic of the seasonal year.


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