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Mother’s Day Gift Tags A Farm to Keep

Mother’s Day is almost here, and if you’re still wondering what to gift to the special mother figure in your life, don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. This year, we are gifting our mothers beautiful bouquets of tulips. We’ve arranged the tulips into thrifted vases and adorned them with our new free printable Mother’s Day gift tags. Our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts all had dreams of visiting a tulip farm this year, but due to time, weather, and the sudden lack of tulips, we are opting for the next best option and bringing the tulips to them!

At first, we scoured the web for a free printable gift tag that featured bright and colorful tulips. After much searching, we decided to make our tags and share them here with you. The tags come together quickly, and you can print them out on your home printer on standard printer paper or card stock paper for a personal touch to your handmade gifts and bouquets. 

The printable gift tags feature nine different styles of tags, all with a pink, yellow, and red tulip motif. You can use your tags for bouquets, sweet treats, or other DIY creative ideas for a Mother’s Day gift you may consider making. On the back, you can write a heartfelt message sharing all the ways you mom is a great mother and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. 

Your free printable Mother’s Day gift tags can be downloaded at the bottom of this post. 

What You Need to Make Your Mother’s Day Gift Tags

Free Mother’s Day Gift Tag Printable



Hole Punch

Pretty Ribbon

Thrifted Flower Vase

At least 20 Tulip Flowers Trimmed

Step 1 Download and Print Your Free Mother’s Day gift tags

To begin, enter your email address in the form below to get instant access to your free Mother’s Day gift tags. Then, for best results, download your tags and print them from your desktop or laptop. The tags will download as a PDF that is letter size, 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheet, with nine different tags on the page. For paper, consider printing your tags on white cardstock. If you do not have a personal home printer, you can print the tags at a local office store near you. Open the file using Acrobat Reader and print as many copies of the tags as you need when you’re ready. 

Step 2 Cut Out Your Tags

Once you’ve printed your gift tags, cut them out with scissors. Follow the dotted lines with the scissors to cut out the tag shapes. Trim and remove any of the remaining lines of the border as needed. 

Step 3 Hole Punch and Add Ribbon

After cutting out the tags, use a standard hand-held hole punch to punch a hole at the top of each tag. Align the hole punch over the circle shape at the top of the tags. Press down on the hole, punch over the circle, and punch out the hole. Thread the ribbon through the hole and attach the fun gift tag to your special gift for your mom. For the ribbon, you can use a gift ribbon or cloth, or if you prefer not to add a hole to the tags, clip the tags onto your gift with small clothespins. 

Step 4 Assemble The Vases

Why buy new vases when thrift stores are overflowing with flower vases ready to be gussied up and used again? We sourced three different types of vases from our local thrift store that we thought our mothers would adore. Of course, you can buy new vases; we think this one, this one, and this one are great options. You could also use mason jars for a more cohesive and country look. We Purchased 20 stem bouquets of tulips from Trader Joe’s and trimmed each to size. We arranged the tulips into the vases and tied a gift tag around each vase. Don’t forget to fill the vases with fresh cold water. 

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    Keeping your Tulips Fresh 

    There are so many myths and urban legends about keeping tulips and other flowers from drooping over time. Some say to put a penny into the water with the flowers, but our pennies are no longer made with enough copper to make much difference. Others will say to add a little sugar and 7-Up to the water to keep the tulips perky. Fortunately, all it takes to keep tulips fresh, lively, and non-droopy is clean and cold fresh water and keep the blooms away from direct sunlight. Change the flower water every two days and ensure that it stays calm. Remember, tulips are one of spring’s first flowers to bloom, often blooming when the temperatures are still cold and chilly. You can also use a toothpick to price a small hole at the base of the bud (where the bud and stem meet) to release any air build-up that can occur in the stem after being cut. This will keep the tulip heads upright longer. 

    We had so much fun designing these jolly and delightful tags for you. We hope they add an element of handmade whimsy to your special day with your mom, grandmother, and anyone who holds the special role of mom in your life. If you like this project and would like to see more posts and printables like these, please let us know in the comments below. Your feedback is always helpful and allows us to create more content that will serve you and your family in all the best possible ways. 

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