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The Best Plants to Grow in Your Raised Beds

Whether you’re just starting to learn how to grow plants or simply want to add to your existing gardens, raised beds are an excellent option. Not only are they relatively easy to maintain, but they also add beauty and structure to your landscape. So, let’s talk about some of the best plants to grow in your raised beds!

Why Raised Beds Are Best for Beginner Gardeners

While raised beds require a bit more up-front cost, they are a perfect option for beginner gardeners who want to increase their chances of success in the first year. Plus, once your raised bed is constructed, it’s ready to go yearly. In addition, here are some other reasons why raised beds are perfect for getting started with gardening.

No Tilling Required

Firstly, not having to till your garden each spring makes it easier for you and is also great for your soil’s health. Instead of turning over the soil yearly, add your nutrients (compost, mulch, or manure) to the top.

Makes Pest Management Easier

When dealing with a contained space above ground level, pests are often much more manageable. It is easier to keep a close eye on your contained garden spaces, but the structure of raised beds also makes it simpler to add physical deterrents, such as hoops, netting, and fabric covers.

Less Bending Over

While you can build your raised bed as high as you’d like, most raised beds are at least 10″ off the ground. Because of this, it’s much easier to bend over or kneel and work in your garden without straining your back.

Better Drainage

If you live in a wet or marshy area, planting in a raised bed offers a much better chance that your garden space won’t flood. Since your plants are above ground level, they have more room to drain.

Easier to Control Weeds

Lastly, raised beds can reduce the time you’ll have to spend on weed control. Your wooden box separates your garden from the grass and weeds nearby, slowing their growth in your garden space and making them easier to manage. Additionally, adding a weed barrier to a square or rectangular contained space is easier.

The Best Plants to Grow in Raised Beds

Ready to get started with planting in your raised beds? Here are some of the best veggies to grow.

  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Carrots
  • Radishes

Next, let’s look at some reasons why you might consider these plants for your raised beds.


  • Grow well in the warm soil offered by raised beds
  • Can be started earlier in the year in raised beds due to the increased soil temperature
  • Versatile for eating and preserving


  • Easy to grow
  • Tasty
  • Offer prolific harvests
  • Relatively self-contained (good for smaller spaces)

Sugar Snap Peas

  • Great for nitrogen-fixing of the soil
  • Grown vertically, making them excellent for saving space


  • Enjoy deep, loose soil
  • Thrive best in the rock-free and pebble-free soil that raised beds offer
  • Easy to store


  • Easy to grow
  • Many hardy varieties are available


  • Simple to grow
  • Many varieties available

Where to Purchase Your Vegetable Seeds

Seeds for your raised beds can generally be found at your local nursery or gardening store. However, Botanical Interests and High Mowing Organic Seeds are also excellent online options for ordering your seeds.

Looking for More Vegetable Gardening Tips?

You can find more tips on growing vegetables, including how to plan your garden, reduce pests, save space, and make watering more accessible, in this post: How to Plan a Small Vegetable Garden.

Happy gardening!

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